Monday, July 12, 2010


Forest is an important source for satisfying people's demands and needs. Thus, undoubtedly people would try to exploit forest resources.This process of exploiting forest is called deforestation. The clearance of forest done by the human beings in order to meet their needs is known as deforestation.

In other words, deforestation is the process of clearing the forest by cutting down the trees for fulfilling different demands. Forest has a vital role in meeting people's needs. Therefore people usually cut down the trees of the forest without having proper knowledge.

Deforestation can result to desertification. Forest is the main source of energy, raw materials, fodder, animal habitat, tourism and so on. These sources also provide the human beings some of their basic needs. People who are unemployed, take cutting trees as employment oppurtunities. And also the weak policies, rules and regulations of government results in defforestation.


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  2. valuable information. thanks a lot

  3. you spelled deforestation wrong at the end of the sentence or is it another word. Please reply if it is another word.But other than that it was a killer introduction. Great JOb!

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