Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Current situation of forest areas

The current situation of natural resources as well as the forest resources is very critical. Deforestation is done at almost every places in the world.

The Asian region makes up about 1/4 of earth's land area, but holds almost 60% of the world's population. Tremendous population pressures throughout the region have contributed to the region's substantial forest loss. Additionally, many Asian-countries have entered a period of sustained spectacular economic growth in the past few years, resulting in the increased consumption of forest resources.

Deforestation in South America has become a major problem though the continent maintains a high percentage of the earth's ecosystem. The growing degradation is alarming. The forests including the biggest tropical rain forest, Amazon rain forest are being deforested. This a growing threat to the wildlife.

North American deforestation activity is increasing since the past century. There are however many reasons for this, such being economical political and social causes.Deforestation in Australia is increasing by every passing second. The biggest causes of deforestation are people needs from the forests. To fulfill their needs they cut, burn and destroy trees and forests. Some of the needs are urbanization, paper and etc. There are four aspects of the Australian circumstance are outlines; Ecological, Historical, economic and Political.

Europe has a vast amount of deforested area. Hungary , Romania , The U.K, Austria , Ireland , Scotland , Russia , Finland , and Poland are all deforested countries in Europe . The UK is one of the least forested countries of Europe . The average European country has 24% of its land area covered by forests.

Also this deforestation creates an effect at the Atlantica and Antartica causing global warming. so, present situation must be controlled and scientific steps must be carried out.

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