Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remedial measures

The deforestation has affected our lives in a haphazard manner, thus it is very essential for us to find the solution of this problem. This problems should be discussed among the people and the solutions must be found out in every places. Deforestation and forest degradation have seriously reduced the availability of sources for our basic requirements and contributed to soil erosion and fertility loss, damaged ecosystems, degraded watersheds and other adverse environmental effects. To improve the management of forests includes, adoption of a national level use plan based appropriate resources use in different agro-ecological zones, formulation of national energy policy that emphasizes increased energy use efficiency and development of alternative resources, better intergration of related sectors and greater participation of local communities and private sector.

A forest program both at government and local levels should be lunched on wider scale. Community forest programs should be implemented under the management and supervision of local communities in order to ensure the fulfillment of local needs with local endeavor.

Facilities should be provided to the private sectors to undertake tree plantation in their land holding. Technical assitstance and improved impute must be made available. Modern techniques for pest control management should be adapted to save the forest without changing the equilibrium of the nature.

Agro-forestry on marginal and sub-marginal farmland and strip plantation along roadside and canal-side should be done. Alternative sources of energy should be used. Herbal farming should be extended for increasing the production of herbs. Public awareness programs should be lunched.

If these actions are carried out effectively, the basic needs of peple could be met easily and ecological security such as protection against erosions, pollution of water and air availability of desired habitat for wildlife. Besides education awareness campaign must be carried out from time to time at the places where the population of illiterated are high so that paticipation would increase in afforestation and laws, rules and regulations should be implemented.

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